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I actually got into a political argument today with a woman who said she is going to vote for Romney because she would "rather have a Christian than a Muslim for president and socialized medicine will ruin our economy." When I told her "Obama-care" was a direct take-off on the healthcare Romney APPROVED when he was governor of Massachusetts and is still that state's healthcare plan she told me she never even heard that before.

Is ignorance, stupidity and prejudice the criteria for being a Republican these days???

I'm seriously getting very concerned that Romney will win and our country as we know it is going to end completely. And if Obama wins there will be a civil war. Come to think of it, if Romney wins there will be a civil war.
Mark and I went to the UCC church right away today. It turns out it's at the top of a hill here in Auburn, which is why I didn't even know of its existence. We walked into the office and told our story of how the Episcopal church rejected us because I am a "tainted" divorced woman and this 60-ish lady walks in from the next room and said, "Welcome, I am Reverend Jackie Brown. I overheard your story and want to tell you that you are welcome here!"

When I told them that I thought of the UCC church because they always held the PFLAG meetings I have gone too, they said, "yes, we are an open and affirming church!" She checked their calendar and the afternoon of November 26th is open and she said she would be happy to perform our marriage ceremony!

Then they showed us their lovely sanctuary with gorgeous hilltop views and then showed us the small, intimate chapel with its stained glass windows that holds up to 40. It is PERFECT!!! We felt so good about this minister and church and the location as we drove away. What a relief!

Later, I went to the Auburn Valley Country Club, which is in the countryside of Auburn. Turns out November 26th is a great date to get married because nobody else wants that date! Their views are gorgeous as well, and their prices are unbelievably reasonable. When the event coordinator learned our wedding will only be about 30 people at the most, she took back the "wedding packet" and gave me their "banquet packet" instead. The biggest difference? Instead of the usual $1000 fee just for renting their dining room, there is NO FEE AT ALL for banquets under 50 people. It includes their tables, linens, dinnerware and we get their entire dining room with the most beautiful countryside view!

I am elated! This really makes it affordable to have a nice wedding and reception at really reasonable cost. Mark is out playing his weekly basketball game and I can't wait to tell him about this!

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I can be edgier on LJ... um, can't I?

For Duccio

Lombard Street in San Francisco. Taken January 2010.

Flower Ball

Sun in the Sierra Nevada

Does the sun shine any brighter than it does in the Sierras? I don't think so. Every time I drive up there and begin to see this kind of clarity I feel closer to god. Who/whatever that is.


I just removed "dominant men" from my interests in my user info. Wonderful, purging exhale...

My Word

For 2011: Fearlessness.

At first I thought "courage" but that is different from "fearlessness." And it is more of a challenge for me. I know I have a lot of courage in many areas and for the people in my life, but I am quite fearful. I began 3 days early by facing the minor surgery I had yesterday with fearlessness instead of the fear and apprehension I had been having over it for the past 3 weeks since I made the appointment.

I even told Mark my word and asked him to remind me of it if I began to chicken out. I didn't.


What does it mean to have a Bachelor Degree in Communications? Shouldn't it mean at the very least that one is usually able to effectively communicate what it is he is trying to get across?


And how can one effectively communicate without taking a few moments to THINK THINGS THROUGH before he opens his mouth to speak, in order to be somewhat certain that the words he is about to utter are ACTUALLY the words that DESCRIBE what he is trying to convey?


Wouldn't a person with an "advanced degree" want to perform daily tasks in such a manner as to ensure that what he DOES do with his time at least produces something close to the results he seeks?


So why would any college (FULLERTON) award this particular degree (or any degree for that matter) to a person who states on a daily basis that he cuts corners whenever possible, doesn't like to "waste time" reading directions, doing homework or following rules and takes the easiest shortcut to nearly every single thing he believes he wants to accomplish, and then TIME AFTER TIME complains that he isn't able to do anything right?


But I am really tired of sacrificing an entire day that needed to be spent on MY HOMEWORK, doing HIS HOMEWORK instead.

(At my suggestion), he took the same video editing class as me. I listen. I follow rules and do my homework and classwork the way I was instructed, trusting that the textbooks, teachers and other professionals who did this before me are providing me with the best possible methods to not only pass the class but to produce the quality, accomplished results I seek.

Because I was PREPARED with well thought out storyboards, illustrations and notes, I was able to get my filming done yesterday. I only needed him to be my "actor" (oh yeah, that was fun). I cleaned up and prepared my set, set up my props, set the camera up for each shot and scene and I directed with thoughtfulness because I had THOUGHT OUT EVERY SINGLE DETAIL.

So today he had to do his filming. He did write a script, I'll give him credit for that. But HE is the actor in his film. So guess who got to be cameraperson? Yes, me... which is fine ...except typically, he had NO storyboard ("I don't believe in them... I doubt if Hitchcock used them"), he expected ME to get behind the camera and set up every shot except for one. He scoffed when I suggested we rehearse more than one time (he warms up around the 5th take).

When I attempted to direct him ("You need to come closer because the 'all important' gesture you are making with your hand is going completely out of frame and can't be seen...") his response was typically a huge sigh and argument that I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED HIS GESTURE WITH THE CAMERA.

NO. THAT IS NOT HOW FILMS ARE SHOT (except by obvious amateurs)! He should have planned it, framed it, effectively described his vision to me (the camera operator he appointed just before shooting), and then nicely come over behind the camera so that I could show him why I was telling him that it wasn't working.

After the day's shoot he played his footage back through the TV and (kind of) apologized to me when he could clearly SEE why I was "giving him a hard time" as he had put it! At one point, early on I actually say some comforting words in an attempt to calm him down (and get him off my back) and he comes off like a child who is having a tantrum. All caught on film. A (moving, speaking) picture is worth a thousand words.

Anyway, it's done. In the can, as they say. Tomorrow night in class we will "capture" our footage and begin the editing, graphics, voiceovers, music, titles and credits.

I knew better than to help him in the first place. No need to respond or comment. It's just a rant.

Is it just me?

We moved to this house in June 2009. It is a home that sits on just over an acre that goes slightly downhill.

We have these lovely elderly neighbors, John and Joanne, who live on their own acreage just below our property. They had a sweet, old Golden Retriever doggie named Buddy who would wander around and get lost sometimes. When I would see him in our front yard I would call them to say "he's here" and they would call out "Buddy, come here Buddy," and he would find his way back to them.

Early this year Buddy died. A couple of months later our neighbors on the other side of us came over for dinner. Having large properties in a rolling-hill area makes it so we can see our neighbors homes but don't always get to know them since the distance and terrain make it more difficult to just say "hello." So the other couple have a view of John and Joanne's homestead, but don't know them.

When the other couple was over for dinner we went out onto our deck and as they were looking below at John and Joanne's home they began talking about how they remembered when the elderly couple had gotten a Golden Retriever puppy many years ago and how the puppy barked all the time and that was all they knew about them. The husband said, "I guess that dog is long gone by now..." I broke the news that that puppy had indeed grown old and had recently passed away.

A couple of weeks ago we looked down from our deck and saw that John and Joanne had a new dog. It was another Golden Retriever who looked almost exactly the same as Buddy. If you hadn't known he had died you would have thought it was the same dog.

We congratulated them on their newest family member and they responded that he was not too well trained and tended to wander off.

Last week we heard her talking to the dog and calling him Buddy! Mark and I just looked at each other.

Just a little while ago I heard her calling, "Buddy, come here Buddy!" Soon the new dog came up to her.

Is it just me or is this odd?